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struggles. >> short the aussie dollar, what, long the mexican peso? >> mexico is one of the big winners because they're deliberately raising wages. so low value added chinese manufacturing is nowhere near as competitive in the world as it once was. you see evidence of the u.s. getting some of it back. so mexico sort of had its breakfast, lunch and dinner the past 20 years by china appearing on the scene is probably in the early stages of regaining some of that a. so i think mexico is a big winner. southeast asia, philippines, for example. >> all right. jim, stick around. more to come from you. let's get over to asia and get a wrap of the day over there. >> thanks, ross. asian markets were mostly higher buoyed by improved data in u.s. and europe and also the rba rate cut. surprising move from the central bank helped the australian market end at a five month high. resources and banks enjoyed the rally. the aussie dollar on a one month low on the back of that decision. more companies announced profit warnings as concrete signs of a fwleb al slowdown, but shipping companies rebounded on som
company says production in the gulf of mexico was hit by hurricane isaac and the storm knocked out its refinery in mississippi. chevron says the fire at its refinery in richmond, california, also hurt production, as the processing unit at that facility will be down until the end of the year. chevron will report full reports on november 2nd. you see shares under pressure in frankfurt trade this morning down 1.7%. also taking a look at fedex, which plans to sharply cut costs at its struggling express business. just last month, fedex lowered its 2013 outlook, blaming a shift by consumers to ship items by sea rather than air because of higher jet fuel prices. ceo fred smith says fedex could see the benefits of these latest efforts next year and still plans to increase the company's dividends, perhaps keeping a floor under fedex shares which are down just .6 of a percent. >>> still to come on the show, is appetite from china waning? earnings reports show slowing growth and nature is taking its toll. >> stay tuned. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my ac
of the guests have already told us today on cnbc. >> i'm a big fan of the mexican currency. and mexico the, any kind of slowdown in china will benefit mexico. so definitely look at the mexican peso. it will definitely gain. >> i don't like bunds where they are at the moment. the one trade i'm looking at at the moment, or it's been a theme of me last week, is selling the belly of core europe. so that's selling fich year versus, say, two in ten or three in sevens. and in particular on on the dutch curve, selling the five year and buying the two year. >> more risk factors for the soft commodities and easing what we see easing price pressure from the grain. so we expect grains probably trading lower to end of the year and soft commodities higher in this context. >> okay. plenty to get through this morning. just reminder there's quite a few bleary eyed people in europe because of -- thank you. keep up with the camera switch. we'll be talking about the ryder cup a little bit later apparently. don't know why, but apparently did rather well with a pressure put to retain the trophy. so more on that to c
some kind of closure with its mexico liabilities, then potentially bp is back on a relatively smooth path. having said that, of course it's taken an enormous amount of damage since the gulf of mexico disaster. but, yes, as of today, i think i'd rather be with chevron but i wouldn't give up on bp at all. >> let's move on to the canadian government. the bid for the canadian bid has been watched and we have this report. >> resources nationalism a term typically applied to emerging countries, but after canada blocked the pat troe mass acquisition, many are opening how canada is to foreign investment. also claims to the deal won't bring net benefits to the country. supporters say that the government has been short on the precise reasons as to why they have blocked this deal and they have been short on transparent city. what we know is petro bass has 30 days in which to adjust the terms before a final decision is made. speaking to us here the energy minister was very pragmatic and there were alternative investments that malaysia could pursue. >> if we have an opportunity to i in-vest in ca
in the gulf of mexico. they have narrowed down the talks to three possible buyers. here's a look at their shares, currently up 16%, versus an overall performance years to date of just over 4%. >>> it's a busy week in the u.s. ipo market with six deals set to price. three companies will make their debut today. life lock, which provides identity theft protection, is priced at $9 a share, that's below the expected range. it will trade under the ticker lock. javelin at $20 a range. the real estate investment trust will trade under the nyc under the ticker jmi. as for the third one, a british maker is priced at $10 a share, below the expected range. it will trade under the symbol lxfr. so three newbies to take a look out for today. >>> best buy founder richard schultz is pushing ahead with his possible $11 buyout. reuters reports he and at least four private equity firms including apollo and tpg have started examining the company's books. schultz is also reportedly discussing what role he would have after a buyout. an offer probably won't come before mid november. and a look at best b
which is some fa feat in the mexico desert. >> it was a listening flight. that's what would have freaked me out the most. take a look at these pictures and we'll be right back. >>> softbank buying sprint next it tell. >> and ceo says the company needs to break out of an aging japan, but admits the deal is a risk and will be a challenge. >>> chinese inflation has left the door open for more easing but trade data might offset some pressure for more stimulus. >> and the uk bank comes under pressure to secure a buyer for 316 of its branches. rumors swirling christopher flowers and richard branson could be bidding. >> european stocks are higher this morning. ftse up up about a third. ibex up three quarters. >> take a look at the bochbd space. ita italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much.bochbd space. italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much.ondbochbd space. italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much. space. italy, 4.96% bunds and gilts haven't moved much. >> euro-dollar inching a little higher this morning. what isn't on there is the aussie dollar which did spike up after t
and the coast guard say a sheen on the gulf of mexico isn't from the sealed mccondo well which was the site of the 2010 oil spill. they say it's likely from oil seeking out of a piece of discarded equipment that tried to fail to continue the spill. relief well isn't leaking either. it's the third time since 2010 that bp has confirmed the mccondo well isn't leaking. >>> and president obama and mitt romney will face off yet once more debate style on monday. but the two were in the same room thursday night for the annual al smith charity dinner, a traditional appearance for politicians during election season. dressed in their white tie best, they greeted each other warmly, traded jokes and yet took a couple digs at each other's expense. >> this is the third time that governor romney and i have met recently. as you may have noticed, i had a lot more energy in our second debate, i felt well rested after the nice nap i had in the first debate. >> i'm glad to be able to join in this venerable from a decision. of course i'm pleased that the president's here. we were chatting pleasantly this evening
a lot of attention. and in latin america, colombia, peru, mexico, i think people are really looking for potential investments in these markets. the pricing isn't as high. >> must be a bit cautious. what we do right now is we pick up solid companies, which we also intend to hold for a longer time and i think there is still plenty of opportunities around. >> just getting a report here from reuters, which suggests that eu antitrust regulators are set to charge microsoft today for breaching a 2009 ruling, which ordered it to offer a choice of web browsers to consumers. it could be the first step in what might be a possible hefty fine. so this is coming out of reuters this morning. the eu regulators may well charge microsoft over the browser choice. microsoft is expected tomorrow to launch its new windows 8 and a new tablet as well will start being sold. also got germany just coming out with some auction results. they've sold their ten-year to the bund average yield, 1.56% higher than september. that is the highest yield at auction for a ten-year since april, despite the fact that we hav
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8